Wills Smart Technology offer world-class Tech products and services in telecommunication, Security, IoT farming Technology, AI medical services, AI education Services and a network provider that allows user to make cheap local and international calls over VoIP network worldwide.

Our products and services are, Wills Smart VoIP, Wills Smart Cab, Wills Smart Delivery, Wills Smart IoT farming Technology, Naija Touch n’Go, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, AI Development, Farming Technology Development, Education and many more ICT gadgets and mobile phones wholesale and retail.

Wills Smart Technology Holdings partnered with Deloitte & Touch, and intends to deploy Africa’s 5th Generation internet service (5G) in Nigeria before the end of 2022 as the company await NCC to Commission and auctions 5G spectrum before the end of 2022 , Wills Smart Technology is committed to maximize and improve the technology and innovation industry by bringing the global to Africa for sustainable ICT and Economy growth.

With the internet of thing and Artificial intelligent which is our ambitions to showcases to our African people to eradicate poverty and create massive opportunities for job creation in our continent Africa. With the speed of 1GB per click when deploy. Wills Smart Technology is Nigerian’s Technology and Innovation company with technocrats and expertise from around the globe and intends to be Africa’s Number one Smarted satellite Network services provider in few years to come.

Wills Smart Technology is a pioneer in developing software for Smart Banking, Smart AI Educational, Smart AI Medical, Smart Hospitality, social media, security agencies and Government institutions. We are expert in AI and web development and mobile applications of all kinds to suit your operations and businesses. We also hire out ICT and Technologies expertise to companies and government agencies. We do scrutiny of Expertise of ICT and Technologies around the world, these expertise are veted by our Corporate Consultant and trained by our technology officer before hiring them out to corporate and government agencies. A corporate or government agencies may contact us or job posting for Expert rate of ICT and Innovation.Individual job seekers can increase their chances by upgrading their careers and get hire with us.

We are currently working on our 5G internet Speed, National Wi-Fi and National crystal clear HD Voice and 4K Video Calls at 37 capital Cities including other municipal cities in 37 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the rest of the world. We do have proposed offices at the following countries for our Wills Smart VoIP services at India, Malaysia, Singapore, Malawi, Indonesia, Brunei, Ghana, Liberia and Gambia, we have partnered with Global Auxiliary group Ltd to build the Largest Technology farm in Africa. The projects is located in Niger State Nigeria.