Wills Smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) Smart Medical

Integrating Smarter Solutions to Provide Better Healthcare Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term for systems with (seemingly) cognitive abilities. Machine Learning techniques, as a subset of AI systems, have proven great advances, even surpassing human expert panels in some cases. The advent of computing power has enabled deep neural networks but are older techniques still viable? Is your case suited for the next system to surpass human expert level and what should be taken into account when choosing a Machine Learning technique ? Time to take stock of this ever expanding field.

Wills Smart AI Medical Solution is simply the most advanced, intelligent suite of e-health services designed to make healthcare more efficient, affordable, and sustainable for all. Our uniquely engineered software gathers standardized, real-world patient data, for the most accurate medical AI on the market. Wills Smart AI Medical Solution is designed from the ground up to give doctors, clinics, and patients the health care solutions they need today.


Why Wills Smart AI Medical Solution?
Wills Smart was invented by doctors with first-hand experience of the challenges of primary and
urgent patient care today. Our solution makes healthcare more affordable and accessible by
reducing patient loads in clinics and urgent care centers, without compromising a patient’s
peace of mind or quality of care.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Wills Smart uses the most advanced intelligence on the market to constantly evolve its accuracy and improve healthcare outcomes.

Intuitive interface

Our groundbreaking user interface makes medical information and symptoms easier than ever to capture and record accurately. The Wills Smart UI has been designed in partnership with Pharos to be simple for everyone to use, regardless of ability, age, or health condition.

Highest quality standards

Wills Smart is driven by a mission to improve health care around the world. Wills Smart optimizes the highest quality triage standards (NTS) and adheres to the strictest medical and security standards.

Sustainable health care for all

Wills Smart was created with the vision to support sustainable, affordable healthcare for all. It is the only app of its kind designed to meet the needs of patients, physicians, and clinics.

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