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Wills Smart Technology's Provide Best ICT Training Programs

Nowadays there is a growing trend towards integrating ICT into teaching and training. New technologies offers a wide new range of possibilities and tools, but not without challenges. ICT can be a muddy environment and approaching it without a proper guidance and a practical training can be a time-consuming task. Taking part in this ICT training course tailored for any sector professionals you will gain an outlook on best practices and concrete ways to use ICT to empower and support education. Through an hands-on approach and learning-by-doing methodology the participants will develop concrete ICT skills, discuss and exchange ICT best practices and reflect together how to use them in education and in the learning  process.

We provide following ICT Training Programs

Mobile Application Development Training and DataBase Management

IOT Farming Technology Training

VoIP Technology Training

General Computer Training

Source Code Development Training

Site Icons

Graphics Design and Visual Arts Training

Video Graphics and Visual Arts Training


Computer Hardware and Mobile Phone Repairs Training


Computer Software and Game Development Training


Cyber Security Training

Main Objectives

This structured course allows participants to improve their ICT skills practically and concretely together with other teachers and education staff in Nigeria and globally. Thus gaining as well a broader understanding of education, alongside exchanging best practices and experiences. The general aim of this training course is to foster excellence in education by empowering to integrate ICT tools into your career. The course has a flexible approach to adapt the learning outcomes to the particular needs and ICT skills of the participants.

  • Get an overview of the most important new technologies and of the growing trend of integrating ICT into education;
  • Get to know the best apps, web platforms and ICT solution for teachers and education staff;
  • Learn how to create engaging and interactive multimedia content and presentations;
  • Learn how to digitally assess students’ knowledge and understanding in real-time;
  • Learn the basic concepts of distance learning, e-learning and flipped classroom;
  • Learn how to create a website or a blog;
  • Learn how to use ICT tools to make education more engaging, motivating and innovative;
  • Get a new perspective on ICT tools and learn new ways and best practices to integrate ICT into teaching and training;
  • Exchange best practices and share experiences with participants and staff coming throughout Europe;
  • Make contacts with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Europe through everyday cooperation and networking activities.


We tailor the working methods based upon participants’ needs, attitudes and professional profiles in order to ensure high productivity, effectiveness and easy transferability into practice.The standard methodology is highly practical and participative with hands-on approach that comprises real-job examples, case studies examination and simulations. We embrace collaborative working methods that foster mutual learning and cooperation among participants. Our focus is learning in an interactive and conducive environment, knowledge that are applicable to the real world. The pedagogical methods that we use are based upon experiential training, group and peer activities, learning-by-doing and best practices’ exchange. They include visits with local schools and institutions allowing the participants to better understand the local education system as well as exchange ideas and contacts.

Morning Wrap-up and brief daily evaluations are foreseen to ensure quality of education and to adapt the learning programme to participants’ needs for better tailoring of the education.

We organize optional social, networking and cultural activities in order to give participants the opportunity to know as well as to exchange best-practice and establish professional cooperation and links. The training and staff team is multinational thus giving a full dimension to the course.

Certification & Validation of Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance including a description of training content and as well as its starting and end date, together - if requested - with the Wills Smart Technology ICT Training Certificate crest. We support the participants in every step of the certification and the validation of learning outcomes with specific focus on industries requirements such as staff mobility/learning agreement, quality commitment and ICT Training certificate. We experienced that schools and education organizations may require additional documents to certify the competences learned or the presence in the training course. Upon request we can provide additional certification and reporting documents as well as we provide photos of the training course and a sum-up video that can be used for visibility and dissemination purposes.

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